Yoga posters

After the successful Yoginis app project, I had once again worked for my yoga teacher from Studiet Yoginis. This time the target group consisted of international and Danish students from the local Business Academy. My job was to encourage them to practice yoga by making attention-grabbing posters in flat design.

After searching for inspiration for yoga posters on Google (there are actually not that many!) and reading on rules of flat design, I created my first poster in Photoshop from scratch. Later it was printed and hung at school, library and other places often visited by young adults.

I have also made a poster for an event that was supposed to attract new customers. The idea behind the event was to screen a movie at the studio after a special evening class. Posters were hung around the town, but no one signed up. Conclusion? Narrowing down an already specific target group is not a good business idea in a small city.