Kite Collection – Behind the scenes

I was asked by a Danish indie band "Kite Collection" to create a compelling behind-the-scenes video. My team has recorded the footage during their rehearsal session in a cosy studio in Copenhagen. My job was to do the colour grading and edit 30-minutes of an interview into a duration of one song.

I wanted to capture their charming personalities and the love they have for music as well as give this short film more "cinematic" look. I accomplished it by creating a warm feeling via colour grading, choosing the right footage, and using only the best answers from the interview.


Additionally I have created my first logo in Illustrator. After getting an approval from the photo owner I used this photo of a fluffy sheep to create a textured feeling and aligned it with letters "KITE". They use it as a logo on their instagram.


Anna Roemer, Kite Collection

Hanna took charge in a very good way and throughout our entire collaboration we had excellent communication. She was hard working, present and aware of the needs and wishes of the band. The video captured a cool atmosphere of our sound. We still use the logo Hanna did for our Instagram profile. I highly recommend Hanna to any other collaboration and wish her best of luck!